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New & Improved! Well, new anyway. Sort of. I went through all the Bible pages and spruced things up a bit (I hope), made a few corrections (like, I had called Lot Abraham's brother! Oops!). So if you you start at the beginning... you may or may not notice any changes!

New & Improved!


The story of Joseph is almost complete... and then... FINALLY... maybe I will get to Moses! In the meantime, I found thinking about God's blessings to be... well, a blessing in itself!



A New Prayer for Kids!

Thank you, Jesus!


The story of Abraham and his family continues - FINALLY! - in...

Bunnies for Bread!


Some thoughts and meditations for...



New additions to "Wonderful Things"!

Simple Gifts


Heaven on Earth


A Thought or Two on Joy


I did some remodeling on some pages that were beginning to look their age...

Psalms for Kids


Prayers for Kids


While I was on a roll, I redesigned almost ALL the Daybreak pages. Kind of forgot they were there!


Then I realized the Finding Joy pages needed some botox too. I just couldn't stop myself!

Finding Joy

And the poetry pages, as bad as the poems are, needed some help. They are worth the visit just to see how bad a poem can be...

Really Bad Poetry

Some earlier updates...

You've probably seen all the new Christmas stuff...

It's Christmas!

I also re-designed all of the Half Baked Stories pages...

Half Baked Stories

In the process I discovered a story that somehow got lost when I had to change servers a while back...

Cat Tales

Here is my normal work practice, which explains a lot...

(fun little drawing)

There are a few other recent additions. Morning Coffee is supposed to be a little bit of inspiration for the day. It would be nice if I actually HAD a new page up every day. I will keep dreaming! But I hope it is worth checking every day, because when it IS new, it is usually pretty nice!

Morning Coffee

Worried? Me too - all the time! But I am trying to get it through my head that with Jesus at my side, DUH! I shouldn't be!


Oh, and if you feel like getting a little creative, you can download some note cards and play around with your printer!


I guess that's it! I'll try to keep new stuff coming!

2014 Paul Dallgas-Frey


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