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When I was a kid...

...I used to lie in bed and ask God to appear.


There I would be, lying in the dark, hoping God would appear in a brilliant glow of light at the end of my bed. Or if God was busy, maybe an angel.


"But just once would be fine! That's all I would need, I am sure, for the rest of my life.... That's all I would need to know all this God stuff is really real!"



Apparently God doesn't work that way.



So now here it is, fifty years later, and last night I found myself asking the same thing (it never hurts to ask!).



Well, technically it was early this morning. Dani is still doing the morning news at the radio station, and she likes to get in early. Really early... like 3:30 in the morning early!


So most mornings I get up with her around 2:00 and we share a cup of coffee and a round or two of Ruzzle together. Fresh ground whole bean Caribou Coffee is our current favorite, though it is a bit beyond our budget (reusing old coffee grounds is a bit beyond our budget some days!). Folger's Black Silk works as a cheaper alternative. We will share a couple short devotional readings most mornings, and finish off with a couple games of Ruzzle, one of those addictive app games! Between rounds Dani will try to win another level of Candy Crush.


This morning we had cinnamon rolls to go along with our coffee. Coffee and a pastry – the perfect foil!


But then, while she goes off to work, I get to go back to bed. Though I don't usually go right back. I have to play a song or two on my guitar (I am leading songs on an upcoming retreat and need to keep my calluses built up. And I am learning a bunch of new songs besides, and they are fun to play). And of course, I have to see what's happening on the interweb! So it is usually around 4:00 before I stumble back upstairs.


But eventually I crawl back into bed... and lie there unable to get back to sleep.


Like this morning.


And that's when I found myself asking God for some supernatural sign of his presence.


It wasn't like I really needed it. I was already feeling thankful for a warm bed... and the goofy black and white cat that was lying at my feet (last night he barfed on our cable box and shorted it out!!!).


But then I thought a little supernatural appearance would be nice. Nothing big or too showy. A warm glow maybe. Just little assurance that God is really here.


And then I laughed at myself... a nudge from the Holy Spirit, I am pretty sure.



"You goof!!!! THE WHOLE WORLD is a supernatural sign of God's presence!


 The awe and wonder and majesty of the whole UNIVERSE is a sign of God's presence! What else do you want????"



That is so true!


All I have to do is look around and see this amazing, beautiful, wonderful world and everything in it – to know that God is here. It is all a gift from God!


The trouble is, I think, these days we have this subconscious idea that the world just IS. In the back of our brains we have this idea that whether you happen to believe in God or not – the world would still be here.


It is easy to lose sight of the true reality.


The reality that the world is here – WE are here – because GOD is here.


EVERYTHING we see and hear and smell and touch – even the simple gift of a cup of fresh-brewed coffee and a warm cinnamon roll at 2:00 in the morning – every little bit of wonderfulness – is a sign of God's presence.


But more. It is an expression – an awesome, wonderful expression – of God's love.

(Photo - just another glorious sunrise!)

October, 2013

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