Food, Glorious Food!


A thick, juicy, seared-on-the-grill steak.

The stuff of my dreams...

(Illustration... a big, thick, juicy steak!)

One of the more unpleasant side effects of this chemo therapy stuff is how it makes food taste.

Basically, terrible.

A few days into my first session my lips started to feel fuzzy and my mouth pasty, and every thing I ate started to taste sort of slimy, like it was wrapped in some sort of film.

Ever since then everything tastes as if you mashed it all up in a blender; like strained Gerber baby food; like, say, pureed Broccoli.


Water even tastes bad.

About the only things that don't taste all that bad are Gatorade and Claussen Kosher dill pickles. I live on them.

Our traditional Saturday night pizza? Looks good. Smells good. Tastes awful!

Coca-Cola, my staple drink?


...much to the chagrin of the kids who used to be able to count on me to keep the fridge well stocked with pop. Not any more! Now I don't care!

Even my hamburger at Baker's Square (our "security blanket" stop on the way home from our trips into Chicago to see our various doctors - we stop there every time) - No good. (And at $5 bucks a pop!). Though the Praline Pecan Delight Pie (or whatever it is called!) still managed to taste pretty good the last time... but the cup of coffee, which usually is up there with the best coffee I have ever had... no go.

I won't even mention how a peanut butter and jelly sandwich - which is already sort of mushy to begin with - tastes. And I could LIVE on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches before all of this.

It is all most unpleasant....

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