Food, Glorious Food!

But this last week or so I caught a break!

(An empty plate!)

Last Friday was supposed to begin my third round of chemo, but my transplant doctor wants to postpone that a week to get a good blood sample for typing, so I don't go in until next Monday.

Which means the effects of round 2 are beginning to wear off.

Which means food is starting to taste good again!


A couple of nights ago I grilled up some steaks in our George Foreman grill and put some Fajita fries in the oven...

Ahhh!! Shear delight! (We have steak around here about, oh, every other year maybe...).

I put on a pot of coffee - a brand new can of Folger's Colombian Supreme - and it was the best cup of coffee I have ever had.

We all gathered in the living room to watch "Babe, Pig in the City" after dinner (A really fun movie, by the way), though by the time we finally put it in the VCR it was after 8:00. We had a late dinner, owing to Marcela's and my trip to the store. I go to the store, and when I get home I am inevitably greeted with, "So, what Eagles did you go to? The Timbuktu Eagles?!!" Okay, I like to browse! ...and we had to make stops at Dollar Video AND Shopko besides! It's lucky we made it home by midnight.

Anyway, half way through the movie we took an ice cream break, "Hog Heaven" - cookie dough ice cream with chocolate chunks and a toffee swirl.


You just have no idea how good it is to have food taste GOOD!

Sunday afternoon Papa did rib-eye steaks out on the grill. Steaks, homemade bread, and augraten potatoes.


My Raisin Bran tasted like raisin bran this morning. The Lays Sour Cream and Onion chips I had for lunch tasted darn near like chips are supposed to taste. And if there had been time to make dinner this evening - I am sure it would have tasted like whatever it was supposed to be - which we couldn't think of anyway, and what with baseball games and soccer practices, gymnastic rehearsals and Cub Scout Pack meetings, there was no time to make even if we HAD thought of anything.

Until now, after 10:00 this evening, and a run to the grocery store a few minutes ago.

Everyone is asleep in bed (well, they are SUPPOSED to be anyway) and there is a brand new, yellow package of Oscar Mayer hard salami waiting for me in the kitchen. That and a fresh loaf of bread to fashion a sandwich - along with a new jar of Kosher dill halves and a brand new carton of cottage cheese...

....and my mouth is watering already!

(Rats! I forgot to pick up a liter of Coke! What was I thinking?!!)

The bag of powdered donuts I bought for breakfast tomorrow. I'm afraid it might not make it through the night...

Yes, there is a God!

...well, at least until next Monday, when I have to go back for session 3.

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