(The dark of night)

The Summer of 1999

Thanks for stopping by.

My second round of chemo is doing its usual number. It's 2:30 in the morning - and here I am!

Lying in bed I was so wired my teeth were chattering. But I felt like a giant piece of carved stone. What is that really hard black stone called? At least now I know which one of the drugs I am taking is the culprit. The dreaded Decadron. How can such little tiny pills do so MUCH???!!!!

I have "Who's Next" playing on the stereo, a big insulated mug of Gatorade (the only beverage that tastes any good to me anymore), and I am rushing to put all this new stuff up, warts and all. I have no patience! At least now I have a place to put all the stuff I am working on....

...now if there were only 10 extra hours in the day...

Anyway, my hope is to begin to recount my adventures with this topsy-turvy change in our life here on these pages.

And I hope I am around long enough to DO that - and that you find your visit worth your while!


2011 Paul Dallgas-Frey