Snow Daze

Part Two


A blizzard outside.

Me and five kids inside.

But it turns out to be a pretty good day after all.

Sure, there were the inevitable touch-and-go moments, when things could have gone either way. D promised to pick up his room and straighten out the living room if he could earn his video game playing privileges back. He had lost them for a week, a fate worse than death. Unfortunately, he still doesn’t grasp THAT reality until AFTER he has refused to do some simple chore, and we take the game controllers away for a day or two.

This time he did a nice job getting things done. But then he got wild, and couldn’t think of anything better to do other than to pinch anyone who was trying to play “Treasure Math Storm” on the computer.

And then Blackie got loose.


The three older kids decided to go out and shovel the driveway before mom got home, which was very thoughtful of them.

The snow was really coming down by then, and as I watched the kids from the kitchen window, they looked like explorers at the South Pole; these three dark figures, half-hidden by banks of snow, swinging shovels in a swirling cloud of white.

Blackie was standing at the back door, grinning at me, tail wagging -his very effective way of lobbying to go out too (it is very clear who REALLY is in charge around here...). So I put him out on his chain.

A few minutes later, I am sitting here at the computer when I hear Tinny knocking snow off her boots in the kitchen,

“Blackie’s loose!” she says.

And, sure enough, I look out the window just in time to catch a glimpse of him prancing down the street into the storm. Of all the days to get loose.

He will not come when we call him (when I call him, he runs the other way). And we have learned it is fruitless to chase after him - he just runs circles around us, and then darts off, leading us on a merry chase through the neighborhood backyards, and farther and farther away from home. It’s all great fun for him!

And he is on to our, “Here’s a piece of hard salami!” trick too.

All we can do is watch and wait, and hope he has sense enough to come back.


Ooo, I hate that! I don’t deal with uncertainty very well.

That dog is such a pain in the butt! Why I even CARE if he comes back or not is beyond me. But I do.

Meanwhile, he manages to get himself almost run over once or twice on the street out front. But at least he is staying around the house.

Forty minutes or so later, Dani pulls into the driveway with goodies from Burger King, and Blackie disappears with her into the garage. "Perfect!" I thought. Blackie will almost jump into her lap for a Whopper...

But, rats. A moment later, I see Blackie dart out of the garage again, still a free dog.

But he DOES follow Dani through the gate and into the backyard, and D sees his chance.

Crazy D flies out the back door, hopping down the sidewalk through 5 inches of ice cold snow - in his basketball shorts and BARE FEET!!!

He shuts the back gate, and Blackie is finally trapped. D zips back into the house on his tip-toes, barely touching the ground.


A moment later, Blackie bolts up the steps and into the house, wearing a blanket of heavy, wet snow. It was a great frolic for him!

Dani doled out the munchies, and we all flocked around the kitchen table, piled high with discarded Burger King bags and wrappers, wolfing down our Whoppers, fish sandwiches and fries. It was fun, one of those rare occasions where the phrase, "Shut-up!" wasn't heard once (we do have teenagers and a grade-school aged baby brother here).

After lunch we snuggled up with our blankets and pillows and watched “Toy Story.” We laughed a lot (I especially like the part when Buzz has gone ‘round the bend, and says to Woody, “Don’t you get it?! I’M MRS. NESBITT!”).

So the day was a blessing.

Later that evening, I remembered I was out of Diflucan. Rats! I forgot all about that! I hated to have to send Dani out on a snowy, slippery night to get a refill (to the tune of some $200!) - but I hated the idea of getting some fungus infection and dying even more. So she took the boys out with her, and they stopped at Dollar Video to pick up some movies for the evening.

Of course, this morning I realized I forgot to take the medicine I had sent her out for...

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