Some Bits of Psalm 103 For Kids

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Totally awesome art! (Illustrating how high the sky is)
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Psalm 103 - God loves you! (This much!)

   Praise the Lord!<br>
Right down to my toes,<br>
I will praise the Lord!<br>
 Praise the Lord!<br>
And never forget how<br>
Good and Wonderful God is!<br>
When I mess up,<br>
He always forgives me!<br>
When I am sick,<br>
He makes me well!<br>
Because the Lord loves me,<br>
And forgives me,<br>
I will live with Him forever!<br>
The Lord is full of Love<br>
and forgiveness!<br>
He loves me so much,<br>
It takes a lot before<br>
He gets angry with me.<br>
And when Heıs angry with me,<br>
He isnıt angry for very long.<br>
God is always ready to forgive me!<br>
Even when I am bad,<br>
The Lord is still good to me!<br>
Do you see<br>
how high the sky is?<br>
thatıs how much<br>
God loves me!<br>
When I do something wrong,<br>
God doesnıt remember it forever.<br>
Itıs like He puts it in a box,<br>
shuts it up tight,<br>
and sends it to the other side
of the world.<br>
Godıs Love is the best there is!<br>
So I will<br>
praise the Lord!<br>
Right down<br>
to my toes,<br>
I will praise<br>
the Lord!

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by Paul Dallgas-Frey

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