You will be blessed! Psalm 1

God's great goodness...

... will come to you if you don't hang around
with people who don't love God,

or do the things they do,

or laugh with them when they

make fun of people who do.


But you will find your real happiness

when you read your Bible every day,

and get to know God

more and more each day.


You will be as full of life

as a tree growing by streams of cool, clear water.

Its leaves never wither,

and its branches are full of fruit.

You will be like that!


God will bless you in everything you do.


But that is not how it will be

for people who don't follow after God.

They will be like dry grass that the wind blows away.

They won't find a place with God's people.


God watches over those who follow after Him,

- but bad people are on their way to big trouble!

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copyright Paul Dallgas-Frey
2001, revised 2012

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