(Photo: a Golden Sunset)

A Prayer After Psalm 90


you have been our dwelling place<br>

from generation to generation.<br>

Before the mountains were born,<br>

or the earth came to be,<br>

from everlasting to everlasting<br>

you are GOD.<br>

For a thousand years in your sight<br>

are but an evening past,<br>

and our life is but as the grass<br>

that flourishes in the morning,<br>

and in the evening withers away.<br>

Teach us, LORD, to count our days,<br>

and consider each as precious,<br>

and we will be wise.<br>

O LORD, be gracious towards us,<br>

that we may rejoice in all our days.<br>

Shine your favor on us, O LORD,<br>

and prosper now the work of our hands.<br>

2004 Paul Dallgas-Frey

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