God Is King!

from Psalm 97

Let the earth rejoice!

Let the mountains and the seas sing for joy,

for God is King!


He wears the clouds as his robe.

Everything he does is good and right.


A fire goes out before him,

to swallow up his enemies.


His lightning flashes across the sky,

How mighty is our God!


He can crumble the mountains in his hands,

the earth trembles in his presence.


The heavens declare his goodness and might,

we look in wonder at his glory.


We see the moon and the stars,

and we know that God is great.


But those who don't turn to God,

all their dreams will come to nothing.


For God is King over all the earth!


The Lord loves those who hate what is evil.

He saves his people,

and protects them from the power of the wicked.


A light has shined,

and joy fills the hearts of God's people.


So be happy in the Lord!


Love what is good,

do what is right,

and in all things,

give thanks to God our King!

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copyright Paul Dallgas-Frey

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