A Simple Prayer

A Morning Prayer

Thank you, Lord, for another day!

Thank you for the sun and the deep blue sky.
Thank you for the cool Autumn air.
Thank you for eggs and bacon,
and toast with cinnamon.

Help me to remember
that all good things come from you,
And help me always to be thankful.

Dear Lord, Help me to be good today.
Forgive me for the times I did what I wanted to do,
instead of what you wanted me to do.

Today is a new day,  and I can start brand new
because you have forgiven me.

Help me to be a blessing today.
Use me to bring happiness to those you love.

Dear Lord, your love
is better than anything else in the world.
And you love me.
Help me always to remember that.

Thank you, LORD!


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copyright Paul Dallgas-Frey
1996, revised 2012

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