If you've been sitting there, drumming your fingers...

...waiting for this page to download - then have I got good news for you!


My whole website on CD!

Okay, I am no compter expert,

...and all I did was take all the files from my website (and there are LOTS of them!!!) and stick them on a CD.

But you can take that CD and copy it into a folder on your hard drive, and then you’ll have instant, blazingly fast (as we like to say in the computer business), access to all the stuff on my website - even the annoyingly large graphic files that are making you crazy! It's especially handy if you want to have this all available on a computer without internet access... like for a Sunday School class or something.... or say you wanted to project a story for a class.

All of this comes in a semi-fancy-schmancy CD case, with a little booklet containing nothing much but some simple instructions I hope will be somewhat helpful. But it WILL be authentically and personally signed by me!

photo of my CD and packaging
Packaging may vary.  Gnarly tree not included.

Oh, and as a bonus, I am sticking in a folder of some desktop pictures I have made for our computer here at home. The files are much too large to put up on my website - but there is plenty of room here on a CD. Some of them are really not too bad.

All this for just $30!

(Well, since I am more interested in you having this CD than me making gobs of money.... actually, gobs of money would be fine.... $30 is just a suggested donation. What ever you can afford is fine. You can even send more if you like!)

If all of this sounds too tempting to resist, just click on the link below, print out the handy order form, and then mail it along with a check or money order (US funds, please) to the address shown.