Part 2

We have been trying to see

...for weeks now.

But every time it looks like we have a chance to go, something has come up to skuddle our plans. Either one of the kids has a game, or Papa has something going and can't watch Pepe and Marcela... OR...

What happened Friday happens.

Earlier that week I had checked the calendar that hangs by the phone in the kitchen. Friday night was clear!

The ad in Wednesday's Telegraph said the movie was still playing - there was 7:10 showing Friday night. It wasn't a matinee - about the only thing we can afford when it comes to taking the family to the movies - but they DO offer FREE popcorn and pop in an effort to get us past the high ticket prices. So that was okay. I could live with that. This was going to work!

There were no soccer practices or baseball games, Pepe had a birthday party to go to, Papa said he'd watch Marcela.

At last, Dani, D, Manny, Aracely and I were going to see this movie!

Come Friday I was really looking forward to a fun night together.

I could already see us slouched down in our chairs in the middle row of the theater, guzzling gallons of free pop and stuffing free popcorn into our mouths from the over-sized cups resting on our laps...

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