June 2020

I'm BaaaAAAAAaaaCK!!!

It's been a while!

And if...

1.) you found this page, and...

2.) you noticed...

it's a miracle!

So... yeah...

Where have I been? It's a long story! My server, the place where I had parked this site for years and years, not suprisingly decided they were no longer going to be doing that sort of thing. They reality is, this site began on the server the little mom-and-pop local internet provider offered when I first got on the internet, back in the days of dial-up and the screeching sound of the phone line connecting! The web space came along with my email address.

Well, that little computer company went out of business and the internet part of it got sold...and sold again. Still, my website continued on! Until last year. So I had to figure out how to move it somewhere else. And in the process, it virtually disappeared from the great world wide web. Oh, obvioulsy, it is still HERE... it's just that now no one KNOWS it is!!!! A problem I hope to correct. Somehow!

Meanwhile, as the years went by my sofware got further and further out-of-date. So when I finally found a new home for my site, the only way I could access it was to copy the files onto a thumb drive, drive over to my daughter's house a few blocks away, and upload them to my new server using her much newer computer. It wasn't very practical for keeping things up to date!

So finally in May 2020 I broke down - and went broke - and bought a new computer. Now I have to learn new software (first I have to find it!!!) and RE-learn how to do all this web stuff!

We will see if this old dog can do that! (And if you are reading this, I have had some partial success!)


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