Love and Joy...
...come to you!

A thought for Christmas 2009

We sure make a mess of Christmas!

Which is it?


Or Shepherds??!!

It's like Christmas is two completely different holidays.

There's the Santa part. And there's the Jesus part.

But I guess it's not really surprising; we sort of live our lives that way. There's the going-to-church-on-Sunday Jesus part, and then there is the whole, rest-of-the-week, other part. Maybe what we are missing is that it is really just all one part - the Jesus part.

The Jesus part is the whole part.

It's the overwhelming love God has for us that makes all the other parts possible.

Perhaps we just miss the wonder of it all.

As the poet once put it so well...

Christmas is trees, and lights, and presents,<br><br>

and angels that fly, like turkeys and pheasants,<br><br>

to bring the Good News to kings and to peasants<br><br>

that Jesus is born - God in our presence!

(Okay, that poet was me!)

So let's give Santa a break! His part is just an expression of the joy of the Love that Jesus brought to us that Christmas night!


Rejoice and be glad! To you this day a Savior is born!

Merry Christmas! God bless us, every one!

Paul Dallgas-Frey