A letter from a dad on Christmas morning.

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[Ed Note: This was originally written back in 2000. The things referenced are beginning to sound as antiquated as popguns and slide whistles!]

Dear kids,

I wish we could have gotten you all kinds of really neat presents this Christmas.


 A huge, wide screen TV would be nice; with a new, deluxe home theater, and an expensive surround system... well, okay, that would be for dad. But a Playstation 2 would be cool. And maybe an MP3 player or two. A CD burner would be nice too. Or another internet line - a high speed one - and maybe another computer to go with it. And a bunch of new computer games. Lots of new clothes - ones you'd actually like - and that would fit so you wouldn't have to take them back. And it would be fun to get you each a new car... even though you wouldn't be able to drive it for years.


 That would be really nice.


 But we can't afford any of that.


 I wish Mom and I could tell you the secret to doing well in school (other than working hard and doing your homework - we've already TOLD you that - it's just that you don't believe us. You want to know the OTHER secret, the one that lets you get good grades while playing video games and watching TV all afternoon). I wish we could guarantee that you will get into the college you want, and that you'll find a job you really love - and that pays fabulous amounts of money.


 But then, if I knew how to do all of THAT, we'd be able to afford all the stuff at the beginning of this letter!


 But there is one thing Mom and I can give you.


 It is worth far, far more than any of that stuff. Home theaters get boring. Cars break down. Computer stuff is old before you get it out of the box. Jobs and money come and go.


 But there is one thing that will last forever. And it's to know this;


 Christmas is real.


 Jesus is real. He really was born in a stable in a little town called Bethlehem 2000 years ago. He really did come to die on a cross so that we can live with him forever.


 He has stored up treasures for us in heaven that we can't even begin to imagine. Treasures that are way better than Playstations and computers, treasures that will never get boring, that will never break, that will never get old. They are there already, waiting for us. And Jesus is there, waiting for us.


 There is just one thing we have to do.




Believe in Jesus.


 Believe the news the angels sang,


 "To you is born this day a savior, it is Christ the Lord!"




 All our love,


 Mom and Dad

December, 2000

Originally posted 2000
Revised a smidge, 2010

2010 Paul Dallgas-Frey