Wonderful Things by Paul Dallgas-Frey

The Revelations of a Lazy Man. Prologue.

(By way of explanation)  Summer 1996

I stole my title.

Well, not the whole thing, just part of it. It came from a book I ordered from a discount book catalog about two years ago. Being a lazy man, and it being much easier to order books than to actually read them, I am only just now getting to it. It's pretty funny, at least the first few pages are anyway. I doubt if I'll get much further. It's called "How to Do Things Right or The Revelations of a Fussy Man" or something like that. I can't remember who it is by, and, being a truly lazy man, I don't feel like running upstairs to see...


But I liked the title, so I borrowed it - rather than thinking of something entirely new and creative myself.


Except that, not at all being a fussy man, the kind who folds his socks and arranges them neatly in his drawer - mine are all just heaped in there, fending for themselves among the tattered underwear and T-shirts - at least I had the decency to make the more truthful correction. I may be lazy, but I try to be honest. Most of the time. Unless you ask me how I like your new haircut...


So why, then, would a lazy man adopt five children all at one time? Actually, it makes perfect sense.


Being a lazy man, I had no idea what real work is.


Now I know.


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