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We missed the Dream Team.

It was the summer of 1992, and while the rest of the world probably remembers it for the summer Michael Jordan and the rest of the NBA superstars won gold at the summer Olympics, I will remember it as the summer we did about the craziest thing we could ever do.

That summer my wife and I flew to South America to adopt five kids.

Our girls getting their check-up before the adoption

If you would like to hear that story, click on the link to "Wonderful Things" below and you will get to it... eventually!

Wonderful Things! Click here!

Random recollections...

...and observations on life with five adopted kids, an unruly wolf-dog, and assorted cats can be found in this collection. (Re-reading this all these years later, I wonder how we survived!)

Half Baked Stories. Click here!!

Just to make life interesting...

In the early spring of 1999 I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma.
Yeah, I didn't know what it was either! It's a kind of bone marrow cancer, and I was told I had two years to live. Yikes! I managed to record a few stories and thoughts from that time (though there are a lot more stories to tell, considering a bone marrow transplant and almost 20 years later I am still sitting here writing this!).

My Journey with Cancer. Click here!

For a brief moment...

I imagined myself a poet. For a day or two anyway!

Really Bad Poetry - click here!

A couple other things!

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Hoping you find something that will be a blessing!

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