(Photo -spring wildflowers; bluebells, Dutchman's breeches, wild oats)

Wondrous Things!

(Photo - very little, but very tall pines)

Psalm 104

Spring is here!

...here in northern Illinois anyway.

Dani and I have gotten out to Lowell Park a couple of times, and I have played hooky and made a few solo runs out - don't want to miss any good pictures! (It's funny.... as I am driving the mile or so out to the park, I find myself getting all bunched up inside, like I need to hurry or I'll miss them. I keep telling myself, "Relax! The flowers aren't going anywhere!" They come and go in a hurry - but not THAT much of a hurry!)

But it as been an odd spring. I went out one day a week or so ago, and not much had come up yet. Well, that's not entirely true, there were TONS of Dutchman's breeches. They were strewn about everywhere...

(Photo - Dutchman's Breeches everywhere!)

...but not much else. I saw one bloodroot, and that was it. A couple of days later, Dani and I made a trip out, and the bloodroots were done already. Like the people in Oz, wildflowers come and go so quickly!

But the wild oats were already up. I could be wrong, but I remember them usually being in the last bunch to come up before the spring wildflower show is over. And here they are already. If this is near the end already, it was a really short season!

But I did get a few nice pictures, and even though I am - oh, about THREE YEARS - behind in everything, I couldn't wait to share some of them. Sort of a sneak preview until I get some time to put together another page.

God does such amazing work!

(Photo - some white bluebells... pretty cool!)

Oh, the flowers in the photos... Top photo; bluebells, wild oats, and Dutchman's breeches. The bottom photo is of some bluebells that were more white than blue!

2006 Paul Dallgas-Frey

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