Lies! All Lies!!!


...I started this "wing" of my website back in 2004.

My website really is like a rambling old inn, with rooms and wings and additions cobbled on over the years; a new addition here, a new addition there... hallways that end up leading nowhere!

...a bit like this particular addition!

I guess my intention back then was to add a new page every day.


It seems eventually I figured out what a crazy idea that was and abandoned the project - to move on to another in a long line of similarly ill-fated endeavors!

So here it is now July, 2012, late on a Wednesday night and I am listening to Amy Grant (at this particular moment. I have my iTunes library set on "shuffle" so who knows what will be coming up next... could be the Rolling Stones... could be Shostakovich!). I have been spending the last few days doing some rehab work on this rundown old wing, and it has been exactly like a rehab project. The more you peel off old wallpaper, the more you discover needs to be replastered!

It's now past midnight. I meant to go to bed a couple hours ago, but I just couldn't stop working! I was having too much fun seeing what new thing might turn up.


You may find an interesting thought or two here, who knows, maybe a bit of refreshment for your soul (okay, that might be expecting a lot!).

Mostly I am hoping my reconstruction isn't too ill-advised, like the cosmetic surgery that goes on in Hollywood these days (to mix my metaphors!). I'd hate to think I have created the graphic equivalent of trout lips and a look of perpetual surprise!!!!


Go ahead and explore a page or two. Who knows what you might discover! And, as Scott your waitperson likes to say, "Enjoy!"

(Funny little drawing of a funny little bird with a spyglass)

2012 Paul Dallgas-Frey

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