I have a really good cup of coffee this morning.



...I have come to the conclusion that my usual breakfast these days is not particularly healthy.

A breakfast of one or two frosted strawberry poptarts and a couple cups of coffee is not good. By 10:00 I am totally buzzed!

Add in a frosty glass of Coke around 9:00...

Well, that has got to stop.

So I am trying to cut sugar out as much as I can. It’s not easy. It seems like there is sugar in everything these days - especially the stuff I like...

E.L.Fudge cookies.

Banana splits.

Frosty glasses of Coca-Cola.

There is even sugar in my Maple and Brown Sugar Frosted Mini Wheats!

But I did pretty good yesterday. Instead of pop I had unsugared iced tea. And I only had one E.L.Fudge cookie. And, do you know what? By the end of the day I felt much better than I usually do (when the insulin crash usually has kicked in).

I also decided I need to go back to drinking decaffeinated coffee.

So I was at the store yesterday to pick up some Folger's decaf.... and they didn't have any! What's up with that??? Our old store, Eagles, went bankrupt and was bought by Jewel, which is cool because I used to hear Jewel commercials all the time when I had to drive into Chicago. It was always frustrating to hear about mouthwatering specials I couldn't buy. Now I can actually succumb to high pressure advertising!

But the new store has, like, half the selection of coffees. So I had to gamble on another variety - of course I bought the one that was ON SALE. If it's not on sale, forget it!

But while I was hunting for that, I spotted this gourmet coffee on sale, almost half off. It was an African blend, which I have never tried before, and it intrigued me...

...did I mention it was on sale? I had to grab it.

(It could have been coffee grown in southern Illinois and I would have bought it if it was on sale!)


It is good!

Okay, some days the most spiritual thing that happens around here is a good cup of coffee!!!

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! (and so is His coffee!)

2004 Paul Dallgas-Frey

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