February 2004

We have no bowls.

I went to fix myself a bowl of Campbell’s Hearty Ham n’ Bean soup for lunch, and there wasn’t a bowl in the cupboard. All I could find was one bowl in the sink. I have no idea where the other bowls are!

I am sure there are one or two in the fridge, hatching science experiments. Have you ever noticed how that stuff that grows over the bowl of pork and beans that’s been in the back of the ‘fridge since the 4th of July doesn’t get wet?

You dump it out in a sink full of water, and that fuzzy blue-green stuff pops up, perfectly dry! Water runs right off it.

It is amazing. There must be some practical use for something like that! A million dollar idea in there - run with it!

Anyway, I am guessing the other bowls - other than the ones the kids have broken and not said anything about - are under various beds throughout the house.

I don’t even want to THINK about what might be growing there!

I could not get my brain to function this morning.

It was all fuzzy and mushy.

I stared at the computer for a while. Thought of all the stuff I needed to be doing... well, TRIED to think of all the stuff I needed to be doing. I knew there was SOMETHING. But like always, the moment I sit down to actually DO anything, I can never quite remember what it is I need to do.

That only becomes clear when I suddenly realize, Oh yeah! I have half an hour to get it done!

So I putzed around instead. I collected some tunes to burn onto another CD (my favorite time-waster these days. It’s pretty fun. The one I put together this morning was all over the place - the Beatles to David Sanborn to Etta James, Paul Winter, and Kenny Loggins).

But even that was a muddle.

I suppose a breakfast of Poptarts and coffee didn’t help my brain processing much either. Finally I just gave up and went upstairs to take a nap (always a good plan!).

But I was frustrated.

I want so badly to do what pleases God. I want to live each day the way God wants me to live it. I want to be a delight to him.

But most of the time, it seems like I just don’t do it.

I don’t know how. I don’t know what to do.

And then I realized there is one thing I CAN do.

I can ask God to show me.

I can give my heart, my soul, and my mind to him - and then let him lead me.

And trust that he will do that.

Since that’s what He wants, and that’s what I want, well, then it should work out!

A Morning Prayer - click here

2004 Paul Dallgas-Frey

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