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-10 below zero, I just heard.

I am wearing two pairs of pants and three sweatshirts.

It's 5:30 this very early Friday morning, and in an hour or so I'll start rattling the kids out of bed. Of course, at least ONE of them will say, "I'm not going."


I am sitting here, putting drops in my eyes about every five minutes. One of the drugs I have to take every day does a nice number on my eyes, and they are really dry all the time. So I have to use drops - and not just any old drops, oh no. Not the cheap Walgreen's drops that come in a bottle and last a couple of weeks. Those don't work (well, they DO, but they sting). Oh no. I have to use the EXPENSIVE kind, that come in a box of little plastic vials.


We have these little empty plastic vials scattered all over the house.

(Photo: a mountain of discarded eye drop vials!)


Anyway, welcome to my new section, created mostly to assure those of you who have stumbled into this place that I am still alive. Lazy and undisciplined as ever, but still here.



Still trying to figure what life is all about.



And more importantly, how to get paid for it!



You'd think by the age of almost 50, I'd have some sort of clue. I can just see myself, on my deathbed, gasping with my last breath,


"NOW I've got it!"



But this little voice keeps screaming in my head,


"Just do SOMETHING!"



So here it is.



If life is a journey, then this will be something like, "Notes Along the Way." Maybe. I am not exactly sure WHAT this will be.


I guess we will just see what happens!

Give thanks to the Lord for he is good!

2004 Paul Dallgas-Frey

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