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A Christmas Message

(Illustration - ticket to heaven!)

How Do I Get To Heaven?
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Old Testament

BEFORE the Beginning

And It Was Real Good

God's Green Thumb

Everybody Needs a Friend

Big Trouble

A Sad Day

Two Brothers

Old Dudes

Times Change

One Good Man

The Great Flood

Anybody Got Any Dramamine?

The Rainbow and the Promise

The Tower of Babel

A Promise to Abraham

Old Abe Has a Son

A Covenant with God

The Child of the Promise

The Story of Sodom & Gomorrah

God Will Provide the Lamb

A Wife for Isaac

Jacob & Esau and the Very Expensive Bowl of Soup

Jacob Steals the Blessing

Jacob's Amazing Dream

A Love Story


A Game of Solids & Stripes

Jacob Wrestles with God!

God Fixes Things

Go Back to Bethel!

Joseph the Dreamer

The Pits

Ups & Downs, Joseph in the House of Potiphar

Joseph, The Butler & the Baker

Good News, Bad News

Pharaoh's Phat Cows

Joseph Rules!

The Trouble with Lies

The Great Famine

The Hidden Sacks of Silver

The Silver Cup

Down To Egypt

Other Stories

Samson & Delilah

Jonah, the Runaway Prophet

Elijah & the Miraculous Jar of Oil

The Story of Daniel Begins

20 Large Pepperoni Pizzas to Go, Please

The Mysterious Dream

The Fiery Furnace!

The King Finally Gets It

The Writing on the Wall

The Lions Den (Finally!)


New Testament

The Story of Christmas

Jesus Feeds Five Thousand! A Story in Three Parts

Walking On Water

Zacchaeus Up a Tree!

Meditations for the Easter Season

Nick By Nite - How must I be saved?

God's Amazing Plan

The Golden Rule

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

The Armor of God!


Other Stuff

Who Is God?

A Christmas Wish

A Little Christmas Story

A Thought for Lent


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